What I am all about.

Number one in my book is good, solid, quality communication. I make sure I know what my clients needs and wants are and I work tirelessly to ensure that is delivered.


Web Applications: PHP and Symfony Framework

One of my recent projects was a web application written in PHP for a fitness company, using the Symfony Framework and LAMP stack. The application is an exercise program designed to help a person reach their fitness goals with weight training. Programming of the app includes--regular measurements being taken and logged into the MySQL database and graphed on statistical charts for user view, calculations of amounts of weight to use in ratio to number of reps done and nudges from the app to report in regular stats and input workout data. The app also gracefully addresses complexities with subscriptions and payments to the service. I have gained a deep familiarity with the Symfony stack, i.e. Twig, Doctrine, jQuery, yml config files, etc. Please see GitHub for examples of my code    here.


I Have worked extensively with WordPress on different projects over the past several years, including several different popular themes such as Divi, Ronneby and Aveda among others. I've created custom themes and plugins, and have a good understanding of how WordPress works behind the scenes. Here is an example of a WordPress site I designed and maintain:     www.shelleyscales.com

SQL, MySQL and MongoDB Databases

Developed a relational database using MS SQL Server for library management system cataloging books, authors, publishers, borrowers, branches, and branch inventory. I use MySql for my databases for PHP Symfony apps, running it inside PhpStorm on local server using Xampp Control Panel in Windows 10 and Apache2 in Ubuntu 16.04. Have also created and manipulated MySql databases using PhpMyAdmin and am familiar with the WordPress database structure. I also have experience with MongoDB, using it in Angular 5/6 Apps utilizing Robo-3T UI and Postman for testing.

Website Maintenance, Speeding Up, SEO Optimization

I've taken a website that wasn't even registered by Google (zero search results) to showing up in organic search results within the first 5 pages of a highly competitive field. I have also debugged sites to greatly increase load-time, a factor that Google takes into great consideration when ranking sites.

Javascript, JQuery, TypeScript, Angular 5/6

Angular 5/NodeJS w/ MongoDB: Currently developing my own app using Angular 5 on the front end and Node/MongoDB on the back end. This app is a music training software designed to teach a person fluency with all 30 major and minor keys. Currently, the app allows you to pick how many keys you wish to learn using checkboxes, then you cycle through the chosen keys, with the keys being randomly picked by the program. The student must enter with the computer keyboard the correct notes for the key that was randomly chosen by the app. Upon correct entry, the student hears a ding. Here's the repo:    github/billwagner3

Linux OS and Apache2 Servers

I am experienced using the Linux command line handling remote servers, setting up websites, transferring websites to new domains, and general maintenance on a Linux server running Apache2.

Work Experience

2015 - Present

Independent Contract Web Developer

Database programming, entity management, mapping and data binding. Graphic and UI/UX decisions, design and development spanning multiple separate screens. Web forms for user input. Implementing statistics into graphs for UX. Creating programmatic algorithms. Creating membership sites with AccessAlly (WordPress plugin). Integrating with Infusionsoft for marketing campaigns. Site migrations. Creating Custom CSS buttons for different functionalities using JavaScript and jQuery.

April, 2014 to May, 2015

Vice President of Delivery, Professional Business Solutions

Vancouver, BC

Oversaw the technical delivery (consulting and management training) of our client base of 100 business owners all over North America, with 6 people under me. I was responsible for our program being implemented in our clients' practices. My last week there had highest ever production in the 10 year history of the company. Due to a US buyout, my job moved to the United States which was my reason for leaving.

October, 2011 to April, 2014

Management Consultant and Trainer, Silkin Management Group

Portland, OR

Consultant and trainer for private practice health care professionals. My duties included: being responsible for the expansion and smooth running of their practice and good communication between staff and doctor as well as patients.



Technology Student Graduate

Tech Academy of Portland

The Tech Academy of Portland is considered one of the top software bootcamps in the country, with an immersive program that covers several languages: C#, Python, Javascript, SQL and HTML5/CSS3, giving a solid foundation in the basics of software development.